It was a sunny, hot morning when we arrived at Paramount's Kings Island.  After a four hour drive, we stumbled out of the car and headed to the ticket window.  We picked up our tickets and eagerly headed to the meeting spot for the walk back to The Beast.

It was time to find out what this wooden monster was all about.




Upon entering The Beast's queue area, I began to realize that I was in store for many surprises, since all that is visible is the lift.  This is a very exciting touch to the coaster and helps to build up the anticipation.

Eventually, we reached the station house and I headed for the back row.  I sat down, the restraints were checked, and we were off.

The ride starts with a huge fan turn which gets the train reaching approximately 10 MPH.  As you pass through the transfer track, there is a quick jerk to the right, and then you begin the ascend up the 105-foot lift hill.

When we were approaching the apex the lift, the pure size of this coaster really started to sink in.  Another thing I noticed was that the entire ride is engulfed by trees, which I was certain would enhance the experience.

We began to crest the lift and soon were flying down the 135-foot first drop, rapidly approaching an unexpected tunnel.  The first drop offers a lot of airtime, and is definitely one of the best wooden coaster drops around.

Soaring out of the tunnel, the ride makes a quick ascending left turn and up into a huge bunny hop, which also provides a bit of airtime.  Next up, the train heads through a right turn and then enters a long brake run.  It is a bit disappointing to have a brake run this early in the ride, but luckily, the brakes were not being used as trims.

Following the brake run, the ride heads into another right turn, hugging the terrain.  The train then encounters a large 180 degree (approximately) turn, taken at very high speeds.  Heading out this section, the ride navigates its way through a few more turns, before reaching the second lift hill.

Once you reach the top of the lift, you make a left turn into a gradually descending drop.  At 141-feet, the second drop is actually longer than the first.

The drop may look mellow from the lift, but looks can be deceiving.  The ride picks up speed at a very quick rate, and is soon flying into the giant 570 degree helix at speeds approaching 65mph. 

The helix finale is one of the greatest elements of any coaster.  It is taken at extremely high speeds and provides an incredible out of control sensation.  The tunnel also adds a lot to the excitement factor.

Following the helix finale, you head over a quick bunny hop, followed by an upward climb into another incredible long brake run.  Finally, you return back to the station.

When I got off the ride, I was simply amazed.  My immediate thought was that I needed to get back in line and experience it once again.

I got a chance to ride it later at night, and I must say - despite how incredible the daytime rides are, they are nothing compared to the night time rides.  I highly recommend stopping by Paramount's Kings Island to experience The Beast.

And be sure not to miss out on a night ride.




Rating: 9/10


  • Good pacing

  • First Drop

  • High forces

  • Double Helix

  • Night Time Rides 


  • Long brake run before the second lift

  • Standing in line on a hot summer day...

-Jeff Highsmith