nov-dejavu1.jpg (198642 bytes)After many delays and much anticipation, D�j� Vu is finally open to the public.  The ride is the first of Vekoma's new Giant Inverted Boomerangs.  Deja Vu consists of two 196 vertical towers, one 120ft butterfly turn, and one 102ft vertical loop.  After being raised to the top of the first 90 degree tower, you are released and fly through a giant butterfly turn, vertical loop, and up the second vertical tower.  You are then released to do the whole thing once again - backwards.


The trains have a unique V-Shape design.  You can either ride in the center seats next to each other, or individual seats off to each side of every row.

The restraints are very thick and have tons of padding.  There are bars on the side to prevent you from reaching up during the ride and injuring yourself.

dejavutower1.jpg (97712 bytes)Your restraints are checked, and soon you quickly start ascending up the first tower.

It is a very weird feeling being carried up the tower, as every time you think you are vertical, it keeps getting steeper and steeper.  You are literally pushing into your restraints, looking face down below you.

You then reach the top, and without warning are released and begin plummeting down one of the most incredible drops of any coaster in the world

You blast through the station in a blur, and are quickly being flung up into the giant 110-foot butterfly turn.  This is an extremely disorienting element, and you fly through it with more than enough speed.

dejalooptop1.jpg (202273 bytes)You barely have time to adjust to what is happening before you are speeding into the 102-foot vertical loop.

You get some awesome hang-time at the top, which is a very pleasant surprise.  The loop is very intense and pulls a lot of high positive Gs.  Immediately following the loop, you head up the second vertical tower.  About half way up the cable catches, and you are slowly raised to the top.  Once again, without warning, you are released and fly down another incredible drop.  You then prepare to do the whole thing over again - backwards.

Coming back through the loop in the opposite direction is very intense and disorienting.  This time you get even more hang-time at the top.

dejavu-night2small.jpg (161346 bytes)Soon you are flying back up into the butterfly turn, which is the most disorienting part of the ride.  You then fly back through the station and head halfway up the first tower before the cable catches and you are slowly lowered back down into the station, making for a very exciting finale.


Deja Vu is an incredible ride and much better than most people expected.  I was very impressed by it, and believe it is an awesome addition to the world's only "Xtreme Park".

I look forward to riding Deja Vu several more times in the future and I highly recommend this ride.  


Rating: 7/10


  • Incredible Drops

  • Very Fun

  • Disorienting


  • Bumpy

  • Capacity

  • Unreliable