Six Flags Magic Mountain has always been known for their record breaking rides.  In 1976, SFMM brought us the world's first successful looping roller coaster, Revolution.  In 1978, Magic Mountain opened Colossus.  At the time, it was the world's largest, tallest, and fastest dual tracked wooden coaster in the world.

In the 90's, Six Flags Magic Mountain brought us more record breaking rides.  In 1990, Viper was added to the SFMM skyline, and still remains the tallest looping coaster of its kind.  In 1994, Batman: The Ride opened, and is one of the first inverted roller coasters.  In 1997, SFMM introduced the world's tallest and fastest thrill ride on the planet, Superman: The Escape, which features a 415-foot tower and a top speed of 100mph.  In 1998, Bolliger and Mabillard teamed up with SFMM to bring us the world's tallest, fastest, and most twisted stand-up roller coaster in the world, The Riddler's Revenge.

goliath-overview1.jpg (251706 bytes)In the year 2000, SFMM continued the tradition of adding record breaking rides with the addition of Goliath, a steel hyper-coaster.  Not only was Goliath the first new roller coaster of the Millennium, but at the time of opening, it featured the world's longest drop on a complete circuit coaster.


Built by Giovanola of Switzerland, this blazing orange and teal steel mega-coaster is certainly a giant; the ride features a 61°, 255-foot drop, a 4500-foot track length, and a top speed of 85mph.

Placed in the Pirate's Cove section of the park, Goliath is located across from the Buccaneer and Swashbuckler flat rides.  You enter the queue through huge rock letters that spell out G-O-L-I-A-T-H.  The queue itself is very long and features several objects, plants, and trees used to enhance the ride's theme.


Once you enter the boarding station, you can get a good look at the blazing yellow trains.  The trains are very wide and feature T-shaped lap bars.  My only complaint is that they have limited leg room.

When the air gates open, you enter the trains, pull down your lap bar, and two gentle bumps glide you out of the station.

A right-hand turn around leads into the 235-foot lift hill, which is fairly steep and runs fast.  As you approach the top, you can see how high you really are as you tower above Viper, Riddler's Revenge, X, and of course, Colossus.

goliathdrop1.jpg (189870 bytes)Finally, you reach the top and begin to crest the lift hill.  As you look down, you see a tiny hole, and think to yourself, "Now how could we possibly fit in there?"  But before you have time to give it much thought, you are flying down the 255-foot drop into a 120-foot long mist-filled tunnel.

goliath-2nddrop.jpg (254943 bytes)Traveling at speeds of 85mph, you begin to ascend back up, 200-feet into the air.  From here, you head through a banked turn around, and once again fly into another enormous sized drop.  After this, you soar over a bunny hop, which provides several seconds of airtime.  From the bottom of the bunny hop, you take a upward left-hand turn into the mid-course brake run.

goliath-turn1.jpg (160826 bytes)Making a left-hand twisted drop off the brake run, you can feel the strong positive g's as you enter the banked turn around.  From the bottom of the turnaround, you head into the most intense elements on the ride, a 570° helix.  As you travel through the helix, you gain more and more speed, and your vision begins to get blurry from the high positive Gs.

Right before you feel as if you have reached your limits, you exit the helix and head into another banked turnaround.  After this, you enter a butterfly turn and then make your way onto the final brake run, concluding your three minute long journey.


Goliath is one of the smoothest and most intense steel roller coasters ever built and is considered by many to be one of the best roller coasters on the planet.  The only major complaint I have is that the ride is fairly short for a hyper-coaster.  But overall, Goliath is an amazing coaster that I highly recommend.


Rating: 9/10


  • First and second drop

  • Tunnel

  • Bunnyhop (airtime)

  • Intense second half


  • Short

  • Mid-course brakes used heavily