hulk7.jpg (217960 bytes)In 1999, Universal Orlando Resort expanded their complex by opening a new theme park, dubbed Islands of Adventure, adjacent to Universal Studios Florida.  Little did most people know that this park would meet, if not exceed, Disney's standard for atmosphere and themeing.

There are five different themed lands at Islands of Adventure: Toon Lagoon, Jurassic Park, The Lost Continent, Suess Landing, and Marvel Super Hero Island.  Situated in Marvel Super Hero Island is The Incredible Hulk, a steel sit-down looping roller coaster from Bolliger & Mabillard, featuring seven inversions, a top speed of 67mph, and a track length of 3,700-feet.  But the most unique feature of Incredible Hulk is its one of a kind launched lift hill that catapults riders from 0-40mph in only two seconds.


When I entered the park, the first thing that caught my eye was Dr. Doom's Freefall.  But the attraction I was most interested was Incredible Hulk -- the giant steel monster looming over Super Hero Island.  So, first thing, I headed towards Hulk.  The ride had about a one-hour wait, but that did deter me from riding.  The Hulk has a very well themed queue.  On the outside portion, there are plenty of misters to keep you cool.  The inside portion features several TVs, which play a cartoon movie about the story of Dr. Bruce Banner and his gamma-ray accelerator.

hulk12.jpg (201562 bytes)When it was time to board the ride, I was assigned to be seated in the second row.  I pulled down my over the shoulder restraint, and before long we were heading towards the gamma-ray acceleration zone.

The acceleration zone begins with a crawl up the lift hill, which is very silent.  About 2/3 of the way up, Dr. Bruce Banner's voice comes on and assures you that "this time it's going to work."  But soon after, you hear a quick warning, and are immediately thrusted upward, accelerating to 40mph in only two seconds.

hulk5.jpg (183485 bytes)Soaring out of the launch tunnel, the train flies into a Zero-G roll, which inverts riders and sends them flying down 100-feet towards a giant body of water.  This amazing element offers a great view of the park.

Next up, the ride heads into the Cobra Roll, which inverts riders twice.  There is mild head banging coming through this element, but repositioning your head farther forward can eliminate this.  Immediately following the Cobra Roll is the ride's first Vertical Loop, which provides an excellent sensation of hang-time.

hulk15.jpg (135872 bytes)Coming out of the Vertical Loop, the train soars down into a mist-filled tunnel, followed by a mid-ride helix which circles around the tunnel.  This is immediately followed by the ride's first corkscrew, which also provides great hang-time.

hulk10.jpg (230648 bytes)After the corkscrew, the train drops down into the second Vertical Loop, which is one of the only sections of the ride that provides decent positive Gs.  Following the loop, you maneuver a few twists until heading into the mid-course brake run.

Coming out of the brake run, the ride heads down a quick drop, which offers some great airtime. The drop leads directly into the last inversion, the second corkscrew.  Following the corkscrew, the ride makes its way through an upward helix, and heads onto the final brake run and back into the station.


The Incredible Hulk has an excellent first half, but a less exciting second half.  The launched lift hill makes this ride truly unique, and is definitely one of the best elements on the ride.

Hulk is a bit rough compared to some of B&M's other coasters, but overall the ride is smooth.  Personally, I find the ride to be slightly over-rated, but it still ranks as one of the best steel coasters out there.  Despite its few flaws, The Incredible Hulk is a spectacular steel coaster that should not be missed.

Rating: 8/10


  • Themeing

  • Unique Launch

  • Hang time


  • Not as smooth as similar B&M coasters

  • Lacks G-Forces

-Matthew Bohle