kraken-entrance1.jpg (170128 bytes)When Sea World Orlando decided they wanted to enter the high stakes market of 'big time' thrill rides in Central Florida, they called on none other than the kings of coaster themselves, B&M.  They knew that in order to compete, they would need to come up with something thrilling and unique.  The end result was 4,177 feet of twisted steel simply known as Kraken.

The theme behind this coaster lies in its name. Kraken was a mythological sea creature that was kept caged by Poseidon, but when let loose, wrecked havoc on merchant ships and sailors alike. And Sea World has certainly let this monster loose, as Kraken, Florida's only Floorless Coaster, boasts seven soul-stirring inversions, a top speed of 65mph, a first drop of 147 feet, and three subterranean dives.


kraken-intro1.jpg (205396 bytes)As I finally made it to Kraken's loading platform, I took a seat in the last row. As soon as the train filled up, our restraints were checked and the floor dropped from beneath us. Soon after, our journey began as we dropped out of the station and into a right hand turn to engage the lift.

Now I don't know about you, but going up on the lift hill of a floorless coaster always has that eerie feel to it.  Everything is normal until you look down and see that cold hard steel beneath your feet. Truly a sight to behold.

kraken-pov1.jpg (222904 bytes)Not too long after we began to crest the lift hill, we headed down a small dip proceeded by a right-hand turn and then were flying down the first drop.

As you soar down the first drop, you can see all the crossties of the track just ripping right by you as the first inversion approaches you.  From the bottom of the first drop, you fly into the first vertical loop, which offers incredible hangtime.  This is immediately followed by the diving loop where yet again, you get some good hangtime.

kraken-flyby3.jpg (106449 bytes)After the dive loop you make a right hand turn and head straight into Kraken's barrel roll.  Traveling through the barrel roll, you get what has to be some of the best airtime on any looping coaster in the country.  Following Kraken's incredible barrel roll, you head into the Cobra Roll.  Yet again, you experience some hangtime through this very disorienting inversion.

Next up, you head into Kraken's mid-course brake run; the brakes slow the ride down which may disappoint some, but you still have yet to enter the Kraken's lair.

kraken-flyby2.jpg (186217 bytes)From this point you plunge into the first trench where concrete beams nearly rip your head off, and then a second vertical loop is waiting for you at the other end.  After you head through the vertical loop you soar back above ground and encounter a small hill.  This hill offers some decent air but is equipped with a trim that tones it down quite a bit.

kraken-tunnel2.jpg (247932 bytes)Immediately following the bunny hop, you once again plunge into the Kraken's lair.  This time you dodge a waterfall and completely emerge into darkness only to soar back into the light and fly into Kraken's final inversion, a corkscrew.  Coming out of the corkscrew, you finally hit the brake run.


Sea World Florida definitely succeeded in creating a unique and thrilling adventure; simply put, Kraken is one incredible coaster.  The ride is very smooth and features a wide array of elements that offer a lot of airtime/hangtime.  The Floorless effect also adds a lot to the highly themed ride.  The only drawback to Kraken, in my opinion, is that the mid-course brake run and trim brakes hurt the pacing of the ride.

If you are planning on visiting the Central Florida area, be sure not to miss Kraken.  You definitely will not be disappointed.

Rating: 9/10


  • Hangtime/Airtime

  • Varied Elements

  • Very Smooth

  • Well themed


  • Trim brakes hurt the ride's pacing

-Matthew Bohle
-Revised by Joey Mandel