In 1989, Cedar Point and Arrow Dynamics unveiled a ride that featured heights and speeds unheard of at the time.  They created a ride that resembled the classic out and back wooden coasters, only this time with a twist: the ride was constructed using steel, as opposed to wood, allowing for incredible heights and speeds.

Standing 205-feet in the air, Magnum XL-200 became the first roller coaster to surpass the 200-foot barrier and was dubbed a hyper-coaster.  Reaching a top speed of 72mph, Magnum shattered the previous speed record with ease.  And at 5,106-feet in length, it became one of the longest steel coasters in the world.


Magnum XL-200 is located at the back of the park; the layout extends over Soak City, Cedar Point's water park.  The trains are box-like cars; they are roomy but have uncomfortable lap restraints.  I much prefer the T-shaped restraints used on newer coasters such as Goliath and Millennium Force.

The ride begins with a small dip into a sharp, right-hand turn, which leads into the giant 205-foot lift hill.  The climb to the top is slow, but offers a great view of Lake Erie and Soak City.  When you finally reach the top, the train slowly heads over the apex of the lift and begins its flight down the 196-foot, 60o first drop.

The first drop is very fun and keeps you out of your seat the whole way down; it is also fairly smooth.

From the first drop, the ride heads up into the second hill, which rises upward and then makes a left-hand twist downward - turning away from Lake Erie.  Following the second hill comes the first of three tunnels, which are filled with mist and strobe lights.  Coming out of the tunnel, you head up and over the third hill, which features tons of ejector seat airtime.  After this, you hit a trim brake, and slowly go through the pretzel turn-around.

Coming out of the pretzel turn-around, you head over another hill, this one completely inside of a tunnel.  Exiting the tunnel, the train navigates a right-hand turn which leads into several camelbacks.  This is my personal favorite part of the ride; every bunny hop sends you flying out of your seat.  Finally, with a sore rear end, you make a few more slow turns and reach the station.


Magnum XL-200 is one of the most essential roller coasters in history.  It began the reign of the hyper-coaster, which led to many more coasters that reached incredible heights and speeds.

As for the ride, Magnum XL-200 is a winner.  It provides a lot airtime and will put a smile on your face.  However, like all Arrow coasters, it is a little on the rough side, but not nearly as bad as the other two Arrow hypers, Desperado and Max Big One.  Overall, Magnum is a very fun ride and should not be missed.

Rating: 7/10


  • First drop

  • Second hill

  • Lots of airtime


  • Rough

  • Uncomfortable trains