In 1996, the world's tallest, fastest, and steepest stand-up roller coaster opened at Cedar Point.  This huge B&M stand-up coaster features four inversions, including a 119ft vertical loop, 103ft dive loop, 83ft inclined loop, and a corkscrew.  Also, standing at 145ft, Mantis reaches a top speed of 60mph.


Mantis uses standard four-across B&M stand-up trains.  They are pretty comfortable if you know how to stand in them properly.  The ride starts with a 145ft lift hill.  Once you reach the top, the train makes a little dip, and then goes through a right-hand turnaround, leading into the first drop.  The first drop is at a 52 degree angle and is very fun, but unfortunately has been weakened by a trim brake mid way through.  This trim brake was placed there to lessen the positive g-forces later in the ride.

Coming out of the first drop, the ride flies into its first inversion, an 119ft vertical loop.  This is a cool inversion, and features high positive g's.  Next, Mantis heads straight into its next inversion - a dive loop.  This is another fun element with high positive g's.  Following this comes a non-inverting, highly banked 360 degree turn, which I enjoyed a lot.

Following the 360 degree turn, Mantis leads into an inclined loop - a standard loop at a 45 degree angle.  From here, the ride makes an up-hand turn into the mid-course brakes.  At this point, we drop straight into a corkscrew, and finish off with a high speed figure-eight.  We then hit the final brake run, and head back into the station.


Mantis is a very good and enjoyable coaster.  Since 1996, taller and faster stand-ups have been built, but Mantis is still one of the best.   Mantis is a very fun stand-up coaster with cool elements and nice pacing.


Rating: 7/10  


  • Pacing

  • High G-forces

  • Array of Elements


  • Trim brake on the first drop