Perilous Plunge

In late 2000, Knott's Berry Farm's newest thrill ride - Perilous Plunge finally opened.  Perilous Plunge, built by Intamin AG is the world's tallest, fastest, and steepest water ride.  Perilous Plunge features a 115-foot drop, sending your boat flying down into a 45-foot tidal wave at an incredible 78� angle.


One thing you notice while entering the queue is how wet it is.  When you look up at the drop and see the water pouring down, you will realize why.  Gallons and gallons of water come splashing down a second.

You board the ride in large, 7.5 ton red and white boats, arranged in rows of four.  The boats are equipped with simple, comfortable T-shaped lap bars that fit snuggly.

Soon you are heading up the 121-foot, 40� lift.  Once you reach the top, your boat slowly starts heading around the turnaround.  You may notice that the actual drop is not very visible from up here, mainly because of the incredibly steep angle.

You approach the drop, and then whoosh!  The boat flies over the peak and down the drop, with an incredible amount of water rushing by.  Soon, you reach the bottom, approaching speeds of 53mph, and are completely engulfed inside a 45ft tidal wave.  For a few seconds, all you can see and feel is water.

Finally, you take a slow right hand turn back into the station, and exit your boat - soaking wet.


Perilous Plunge is a very fun ride if you don't mind getting soaked.  I would recommend buying a poncho, since they will help significantly.  The ride is short, but the drop and splashdown is a blast.  If you are at the park on a hot day, and need to cool down, I would definitely recommend taking the Plunge.

Rating: 7/10


  • Incredible Drop

  • Huge splashdown

  • High fun factor


  • You will get soaked (Plus or Minus depending on personal preference)

  • Short

  • Four-point harnesses are very uncomfortable




Water Ride


Angle of Descent:

53 MPH

Special Features:  
Creates 45-feet tidal wave

Restraint System:
Lap bars and Four-Point Safety Harnesses

Intamin AG