The Riddler's Revenge

Almost all roller coasters have one main feature in common - while riding them, you are in a sitting position.  However, a few rides require a different position to ride, such as the Flying Dutchman, where riders lay down, and the stand-up coaster, where riders stand, not sit.

riddler-night5.jpg (111055 bytes)Standing tall at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA is The Riddler's Revenge:  the world's tallest, fastest, and most twisted stand up coaster.

Built in 1998 by roller coaster geniuses Bolliger and Mabillard, Riddler's Revenge stands 156-foot in the air and sends riders flying at speeds of 65 mph.  The ride is the second B&M coaster to be installed at Six Flags Magic Mountain - the first being Batman: The Ride.


814riddler5.jpg (239821 bytes)The ride's boarding station is equipped with flashing green lights and techno music is played.  Once you enter the trains, you straddle the bicycle seat, pull down your restraint and lock in the safety belt.  Before long, you are heading towards the lift hill.

riddlers-closeup1.jpg (106941 bytes)Once you reach the top of the lift, you head over the standard B&M dip, and then fly down an incredible 146-foot drop, which twists to the left.  As you reach the bottom, you begin to feel the strong positive g's.  You then head into the ride's first inversion - a 124-foot vertical loop, which offers a ton of hang time at the top.  

814riddler2.jpg (150124 bytes)From the bottom of the first inversion, you enter the first of two diving loops.  These disorienting inversions also feature a ton of hang time at the top.  After the second dive loop, you enter an inclined loop, which is a standard loop that is tilted 45 degrees.  After this, you hit a small bunny hop, which gives some great airtime, and make a upward right-hand turn into the mid-course brakes.

814riddler3.jpg (142331 bytes)The brakes are applied very lightly; coming off the bake run, you take a surprisingly fun dip into the first of two barrel rolls.  After you exit the barrel roll, you take a left hand turn into a bunny hop, which offers some more airtime.  Next up, you travel through a spiral and then down a dip into the ride's final inversion, another barrel roll, which travels over the queue line.

Your three-minute journey concludes with a right-hand banked turn into the final brake run.


Riddler's Revenge is one of B&M's finest projects to date.  The ride is very smooth, fast, fun, and disorienting.  The only major flaw of the ride is the lack of intensity and forces.  But if you are looking for an awesome stand-up coaster with a wide variety of elements, then be sure not to miss The Riddler's Revenge.

Rating: 8/10


  • Wide variety of elements

  • Smooth

  • Hang time


  • Uncomfortable to some

  • Lacks intensity and forces