Standing 150-feet in the air and reaching speeds of 65 MPH, Scream! is the latest addition to Six Flags Magic Mountain's arsenal of mega-coasters.  Dubbed as the park's 'sweet 16th', Scream! sends riders flying through seven wild inversions including a 128-foot high Vertical Loop, 96-foot high Dive Loop, Zero-G Roll, 78-foot high Cobra Roll, and two interlocking corkscrews.

Designed by Bolliger & Mabillard, Scream! is the first floorless coaster to hit Southern California.  The ride is located adjacent to Colossus; its entrance plaza features a large wall, which displays the ride's logo and several 'screaming' faces.  Many trees have been planted in the area, which should be very well landscaped within the next few years.


Scream! begins with a small dip, giving it just enough speed to navigate a right-hand turnaround and engage the lift.  The ride's lift offers very nice views of its two neighboring coasters, Colossus and Goliath.  Once you reach the top of the lift, you head over a small dip before you are sent soaring down the 150-foot twisting first drop.

From the bottom of the first drop, you head into the ride's first inversion, a 128-foot high vertical loop.  This is immediately followed by a 96-foot high dive loop; both inversions offer a good amount of hang time.

The relentlessness continues as you immediately fly though a zero-g roll, which many consider to be the best part of the ride.  Next up is the 78-foot high cobra roll, which is taken at a moderate speed.  I found this inversion to be the least exciting of the ride; I much prefer the Sea Serpent element found on Medusa West.

Coming out of the cobra roll, you head up a small twisting hill into the mid-course brake run.  The trims slow you slightly before you are sent down another twisting drop, this one leading into a tight helix, which offers high positive Gs.

Immediately after the helix, you head over a small dip, which offers a surprising pop of air, and into the first of two interlocking corkscrews.  You then fly through a very tight banked turnaround and into the second corkscrew.  This section of the ride is very disorienting and exciting.

Upon exiting the corkscrews, riders encounter a tight banked turn, dip down towards the ground, and soar through a final banked turn before reaching the brake run.


Scream! is a very fun floorless coaster that is sure to be a huge hit among park guests and enthusiasts alike.  The ride offers a wide variety of elements, but they unfortunately lack high positive Gs due to the speed in which they are taken at.

My only other complaint is that the ride seems to be a bit bumpy for a new B&M coaster; however, this definitely does not detract from the experience.

Whether the ride is a clone or not, Scream! is a highly enjoyable floorless coaster that fits into the park perfectly.  I highly recommend this ride to anyone seeking new thrills.

Rating: 8/10


  • Wide array of inversions

  • Several moments of airtime

  • High fun factor


  • Slightly bumpy

  • Lacks positive Gs

  • Very minimal themeing