Silver Bullet

As the last ride to debut in 2004, Knott's Berry Farm's latest coaster, Silver Bullet, evoked much anticipation.  Construction of the ride was widely covered by both this site and others, allowing enthusiasts to closely watch the ride's progression.  On December 7th, 2004, guests finally had their chance to experience the new ride.

Designed by Bolliger & Mabillard, Silver Bullet is an inverted coaster built over Reflection Lake.  The ride climbs to a height of 146-feet before sending riders spiraling through six inversions at speeds of 55 MPH.  The various elements include a Vertical Loop, Cobra Roll, Zero-G Roll, Corkscrews, and a high-speed helix.


As with most other B&M inverted coasters, there are two trains with riders arranged 4 across in a single row.  Once you board the ride and are cleared for dispatch, the train takes a right-hand turn before ascending the 146-foot lift-hill.

From the top of the lift, you slowly begin to fall 109-feet towards the ground, navigating a 180-degree turn on the way down.  Unfortunately, the first drop is not very steep, so it takes awhile to build up speed. 

Immediately following the drop, riders are propelled into the first inversion, a 105-foot tall Vertical Loop.  From the bottom of the loop, you soar through an overbanked turn, which leads directly into the highly-disorienting Cobra Roll. 

The Cobra Roll is placed in front of the park entrance, allowing guests entering the park to stand directly below the screaming riders. 

Upon exiting the Cobra Roll, riders head into the next inversion, a Zero-G Roll.  Silver Bullet's Zero-G Roll is highly disorienting and one of the most intense elements of the ride.

Next up is the Carousel Turn over Indian Trails, which leads into the first of two Corkscrews.  The first Corkscrew is immediately followed by a short bend into the second Corkscrew, which proves to be just as disorienting as the first.

At this point, riders race into the high-speed helix over Reflection Lake, which provides some decent forces and awesome visuals.  Upon exiting the helix, the train makes its way onto the final brake run and slowly re-enters the station.


Silver Bullet is a fun coaster that should prove to be popular among park guests.  However, the ride does not live up to the high standards created by other B&M inverted coasters.

This is mainly due to the lack of speed and forces through the elements.  While Silver Bullet is disorienting, it is not nearly as fast paced or intense as Six Flag's Batman: The Ride or Paramount Great America's Top Gun.

Regardless, Silver Bullet is a great addition to Knott's Berry Farm's coaster collection and is definitely worth riding.  Just don't expect it to make it to the top of your list.

Rating: 7/10


  • Ride placement
  • Varied and Disorienting Elements


  • Lacks intensity, speed, and forces

-Jeff B.