In 1996, Six Flags Magic Mountain finished construction on the tallest and fastest thrill ride on the planet.  Built by Intamin AG, Superman: The Escape was set to feature a launch of 0-100mph in just 7 seconds, making it the fastest thrill ride in the world.  Instead of using LIMS, Superman: The Escape uses a new technology called LSM's, or Linear Synchronous Motors. After reaching full velocity the ride heads up straight up a 415ft tower, making it the tallest thrill ride in the world.  Once it reaches the top, it falls back down the tower, once again reaching 100mph before riders return to the station.

When it finally came time to test the ride, after months and months of construction, the worst possible thing happened - the ride completely failed.  Instead of being accelerated 0-100mph in 7 seconds, the ride went about 5ft.  This was a disaster for both SFMM and Intamin AG.  The 1996 season slowly came to an end, and Superman: The Escape was still not open.  Finally, in 1997, they got the ride working but had several problems with it such as the wheels burning out.  Also, the brakes on the top of the tower were backwards.  Eventually, they fixed almost all the problems and the ride opened to the public in March of 1997 - one year after the expected opening date.  In 1998, the trains were replaced, and finally, the ride was fully operational.


Once you enter the ice cavern, you have the option to choose the right or the left side.  Once you reach the automatic opening doors, it is your turn to enter the Launch Chamber.  The trains are very comfortable but are a little lacking on legroom.  The T-shaped lap bars on Superman: The Escape are among my favorite lap restraint ever.  They are unrestricting, and can be set very high allowing for monstrous airtime.

Finally, as your anticipation builds up, the launch button is pressed, and you start accelerating at an incredible rate.  The launch is very fun and intense.  When you finally reach the maximum velocity of 100mph, you near closer and closer to the 415ft tower.  You make your way up to the top, and for 6.5 seconds you experience an incredible feeling of weightlessness.  

  Many coaster enthusiasts agree that  Superman: The Escape offers the best airtime sensation of any roller coaster.  When your 6.5 seconds are up, you start to head back down the tower.  Once again you reach 100mph, and then are slowed smoothly until you finally are back inside the launch chamber.


Superman : The Escape is an amazing and very fun ride.  The launch is great, and the weightlessness you experience at the top of the tower is incredible.  The ride's only major flaw, however, is that it is too short.  In under a minute the ride is completely over.  Still, it is one of the coolest rides in the world.  The only other ride like it is the Tower of Terror at Dreamworld, Australia.  I definitely recommend riding Superman: The Escape.  It is a ride you will not forget.


Rating: 7/10


  • Launch

  • Comfortable trains

  • Weightlessness 


  • Short