Volcano: The Blast Coaster opened late 1998, becoming the world's first launched inverted coaster.  Although it was plagued by reduced capacity and delays during it's initial season, operations have been greatly improved over the past few years.

Volcano is considered by many to be one of the best and most unique coasters on the planet.  Riders are launched through two sets of linear synchronous motors (LSM's) to a top speed of 70 mph before climbing 155-feet high and traveling along 2,750 feet of track.


Most of the ride is housed in and around a gigantic "Volcano", which was occupied by a Smurf's attraction before the coaster was installed.  Riders board one of three trains, consisting of 4 cars that hold 4 riders each, for a total of 16 passengers.  The trains are very similar to other Intamin inverted trains like those found on their popular Impluse coasters.  The large bucket seats do a great job of restraining riders while still leaving them with an "open" feeling.

As the train leaves the station it slowly makes a 90-degree turn and approaches the launch track.  Once the train has cleared the turn, riders are rocketed to 55 mph through the first set of LSM's.  After a banked 270-degree turn, the train hits the second set of LSM's and is propelled to a top speed of 70 mph.

After achieving full speed, the train climbs vertically into the Volcano and inverts while shooting out the top, 155-feet off the ground.  Riders then take a quick 180-degree turn to the left and encounter the first of 3 barrel rolls.  These unique elements offer extreme amounts of hang time and are very disorienting.

The train then negotiates another left-handed 180 degree turn before encountering the second barrel roll, this one taken at a higher speed than the first.  While inverting through this inversion, the riders come very close to the Volcano, providing excellent visuals.

Following a sharp 180-degree turn to the right, riders hit the third and final barrel roll, this one a lot more drawn out than the previous two.  Riders experience extreme amounts of hang time and disorientation during this final inversion.

Once the train exits the final barrel roll, it makes a sharp diving turn back into the Volcano before being brought to a smooth stop through the use of magnetic braking.


Most will agree that Volcano: The Blast Coaster is a unique ride by any standards, still remaining the only coaster of its kind.  Although the ride is rather short, the intensity never lets up throughout the entire circuit.  Forces are abundant throughout every inch of the ride, and the constant speed during the first half is amazing!

Additionally, the ride's capacity has been greatly improved since opening season; downtime is now kept to a minimum as well.  In fact, Volcano could now be considered one of the highest capacity launched coasters currently in operation.  But despite its high capacity, the ride can still generate longer lines than King's Dominions other launched coasters, Hypersonic: XLC and Flight of Fear.  But if you don't mind waiting, Volcano: The Blast Coaster is an awesome ride that I'd highly recommend.

Rating: 8/10


  • Forceful launches
  • Unique; first of its kind
  • Disorienting barrel rolls
  • Very high capacity for a launched coaster



  • Somewhat short
  • Largest drop on the ride leads directly into the final brake run
-Josh B