X was definitely the most anticipated ride of 2001.  From the day it was announced, enthusiasts had one thing on their mind - riding the world's first 4th dimensional coaster.

Designed by Arrow Dynamics, X is the first roller coaster to feature prototype vehicles capable of spinning independently 360-degrees forwards or backwards.  The ride towers 200-feet in the air, and features a sky-diving first drop.  Furthermore, the ride navigates its 3,610-foot circuit at speeds of 76 mph.

But does X live up to the hype?


Once you walk through the long queue, you enter the very large, gray station station.

Upon boarding the trains, the first thing you will notice is that they are extremely comfortable.  The headrests provide "xtreme" comfort and the harnesses fit comfortably around your body.

You head up the lift backwards, which provides you with a wonderful view of the Six Flags Magic Mountain's fourteen other roller coasters.  Once you reach the apex of the lift, you slowly head over the dip, and your seats began to tilt back.

Before long, you are skydiving down an incredible 200ft drop, looking straight down at the ground below you.

X's drop is simply indescribable - it is unlike any other coaster drop I have ever experienced.

From the bottom of the drop, you fly into the first raven turn, which leaves you facing forward.

There is no hint of slowdown as you fly straight up into a bunny hop, which provides a surprising pop of air.

Heading out of the bunny hop, you glide through a banked turnaround which leads straight into the ride's twisting front flip.

This is the most disorienting element I have ever experienced.  Midway through, your seats rotate, leaving you once again facing backwards.

Exiting the twisting front flip, you soar into the second raven turn.  At the bottom of this element, you are heading forwards with the train riding below the track.

Finally, the track inverts and your seat rotates as you head onto the final brake run and back into the station.


X is an extremely unique ride which provides sensations never before experienced.  The ride features incredible speeds and elements, and the drop is one of the best there is.  The ride also puts you very close to the ground and supports, resulting in Xtreme head choppers.

Without a doubt, X definitely lives up to the hype.



Rating: 8/10


  • First Drop

  • Intense and Disorienting

  • Very fast


  • Bumpy rotations in certain areas

  • Short