When Islands of Adventure was in the design phase, the fact that there was limited space had to be taken into effect.  So in conjunction with Bolliger & Mabillard, they designed an inverted coaster that would offer two different ride experiences in the blueprint of one large coaster.  And they came up with Dueling Dragons-- the world's first dueling inverted coaster.

Upon entering the Lost Continent, you come across sights and sounds from the Medieval Times. The first coaster that comes into sight is Flying Unicorn, a standard Vekoma Roller Skater model.  But as you head further into the Lost Continent, the twisted track of Dueling Dragons becomes visible.

The entrance of Dueling Dragons has two statues of dragons.  Beyond the two statues, the ride's signature element is visible -- the dueling vertical loops.  Once you pass through the entrance, you enter one of the longest (and best themed) queues in the world.

As you walk through the queue, Islands of Adventure's incredible themeing is clearly evident.  First, you walk through a medieval forest, which offers a glimpse of the shear magnitude of these two coasters.  Then, you enter the Castle section of the queue, where you can see everything from Merlin's book of sorcery to knights frozen in time.

As you travel deeper and deeper into the Dragon's Lair, things become more ominous. Visible are skulls driven into the wall and bones spewed everywhere.  After passing through here, its time to choose your fate:

Ice Dragon | Fire Dragon